Wednesday, April 16, 2008

National Spa Week!

Well, the week we have all been waiting for is here! SPA WEEK! YAY!! OK, I admit, I didn't even know this week existed until just recently, but I am embracing it! I am a big, big fan of pampering yourself, whether it is a massage, pedicure or just a relaxing bath; treating yourself is a great and healthy thing to do. In celebration of Spa Week, I am offering 15% my entire Etsy shop "Gabriel's" (just use the code "SPAWEEK" in the notes to seller) and 15% off my "Just For Fun" collection at "Gabriel's".
So, go ahead and pamper yourself!!!!!


Mixed Species said...

As a shop made up of four guys, we have NO PROBLEMS with spa week! Bring on the massage! Great post.

TabiHats said...

Great post! I love the spa and anything associated with it.

ThePeachTree said...

Ooo, count me in! So glad you've brought this holiday and the special to our attention!