Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Thoughts of sunshine, fresh fruit, warm air and great food come to mind as Summer finally hits the Pacific NorthWest. Summer definitely does something to us all and this time around, I am going to pay tribute to it with something that I can wear all year long. "Zeste" (French for Zest of a citrus fruit's peel) is my newest perfume creation. Inspired by Ginger and Citrus, I took Notes of Organic Ginger EO, Lemon Verbena, Jasmine and Sandalwood and turned them into a flirty, sexy and light blend. This blend opens up with a citrus/mint/ginger accord and slowly takes you into a slightly floral and sweet citrus heart then settles into an Amber/Sandalwood accord. "Zeste" will take you through your hot Summer days and into the warm Summer nights. It is a blend that just makes me smile every time I smell it. Right now on my Facebook page, I am giving away a sample of "Zeste" to one lucky person. Just leave a comment (you can leave one here too if you want!) on your favorite item in my Etsy shop and I will pick a winner at random. I will have Zeste listed in my Etsy shop and website at the end of the week.