Monday, September 28, 2009

New scents for Fall!

I wanted to update everyone on some new items now available and ones still in the making for the Fall and Winter seasons.

First, I have listed the first of some new natural candle scents. "Warmth" is a blend I created for a candle making class taught recently. I wanted a lightly spiced candle with a bit of sweetness and floral so I took some Palmarosa, Coriander and Cassia along with some other notes and, voila! . It is one I have been burning almost daily and I love it. I think you will too.

"Southern Tea" is the second natural candle blend (I will be listing that today on Etsy and adding it to my website as well). "Southern Tea" is inspired by all those moments of drinking tea to comfort, warm or heal you. This is a blend of Chamomile, a hint of Mint and a bit of citrus and berry notes to sweeten. For all of you tea lovers out there, this will be a treat.

"Sucre" is a brand new GA Essence Natural Perfume blend inspired by some wonderfully sweet items I have been using lately in cooking. "Sucre" is a intense Gourmand with lots of spice to give it some attitude and withstand the Fall and Winter weather. I am very excited about this blend. I think it is fun and perfect for this time of year. I will be listing this on Etsy in the next day or so as well as my website.

Lastly, I have been asked over the years if I make a pumpkin-scented candle and I usually say "no" that I am not able to make a natural version. Well, I am getting inspired to find a way to create one that is truly pumpkin, but with a natural twist of course! So, stay tuned as I am working on creating one that will satisfy all the pumpkin fans out there.


Loreto said...

So curious about how you were able to create a pumpkin scent naturally. If you prefer to keep the pumpkin ingredient a secret, that's cool. I am just scratching my head over here. Sounds amazing. Can't wait to smell it!

Gabriel's Aunt said...

Hey there-

Hmm, well I can tell you that it is a combo of 3 things pumpkin. I can't say much more, but there are some natural pumpkin materials out there that if used together can emit a nice pumpkin scent. had to be creative with it to get it, but it worked. It works in a candle, but I don't think I could use it in a perfume unfortunately!