Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Etsy Seller Spotlight!

"Wash The Day Away's Etsy Shop"
So, I am branching out and, finally, getting to know another Etsy shop owner a little better! I have been interviewed several times myself by other amazing Etsy sellers so it is time for me to reach out. I patronize so many great shops on Etsy, but this shop has got to be in my Top 5. This week I am interviewing Wash The Day Away.Etsy.Com, a shop that specializes in Aromatherapy products containing organic ingredients for your body and face. I am in IN LOVE with their products and want you to know more about this great seller, Rebecca.

Here we go:

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Your name, age, where your from, etc?

My name is Rebecca, I am 26, and I grew up in Menasha, WI. Last year I moved to Madison, WI to go to Massage School. I live with my Husband and our 3 year old son. We have 2 cats. I have always been Artistic/Creative and have done Photography, Sculpting, Painting, Writing, Knitting, Drawing...all kinds of stuff. I love to read, and I love Movies. Usually Psychological Thrillers, or Dark Humor Indie films. I love any movie by Wes Anderson, or with John Cusak in it! I also really love music. 80's stuff like Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy Pop. I also love good Indie music like Belle and Sebastian, Blonde Redhead, Cat Power. And I'm a HUGE tea head! I'm a freak for TeaNoir's Tea, the best I've ever had. I probably have like $60 worth of her tea at any given time. She has an etsy store too and everyone should go check it out!

Q: I absolutely ADORE your products. They have single handedly changed the health of the skin on my face! So, when did you first decide to start your amazing Aromatherapy Business? What was the very first product you created?

Thank you so much! There isn't a better reward than hearing stuff like that from customers. I first decided to start my own business last Christmas. I took an Aromatherapy course through my Massage school and my Mom bought me a bunch of Pure Essential Oils that Christmas. My passion was rekindled! (My Aunt and I used to dabble in making stuff when I was 18) But I started to make stuff, and found I was much better at it. My friends loved the stuff I made so much that I decided to make some money off of it! The very first thing ever I made was some Lavender soap with My Aunt when I was 18. It...probably could have been used as a weapon. [laugh] It was heavy and so loaded with Lavender buds it could have scratched the skin off someone's face if they used it. We had a good laugh over it. But the first thing I made when my passion was rekindled was some Cologne and Aftershave for my Husband.

Q: Where do you get some of your ideas for your products? Do you create most of your products for yourself first, then sell them to others?

I guess a good answer would be my weird love for experimentation. I don't like to be boring. In the Aromatherapy course I took, (I was taught by Kathy Keville, she wrote many books on Aromatherapy) I would come up with Essential oil combinations that made Kathy say, "Ooooh! Nice! You've done this before haven't you?" It made me blush. [laugh] The other part of it is, I do create some things for myself. Like the Black Honey soap you love, I made that for me. And I was so amazed by it's effectiveness, I had to share it with others. And actually, most of the products I initially make for myself, turn out to be best sellers. Or if I make them initially for a friend. I think that it's the personalization that make those products special. Some extra love goes into those. :)

Q: You always have really unique and organic products. What is your favorite ingredient to use and what is your most popular item with your customers?

I can only pick 1? [laugh] I can say my favorites really change with the seasons. Lately I really love Aloe Butter & Coconut Oil. And my favorite Essential Oils lately are Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. My most popular product with my Customers is by far the Black Honey Soap.

Q: I check your Etsy shop all of the time to see what new products you have listed! What is next on your list to create?

That's cool to hear! Well, tonight I was planning a couple new soaps. I just got some new extract powders today that I'm excited to experiment with. 1 idea is for a Pore Refining Soap made with Strawberry Extract, and the other is Anti-aging with Apple Extract. I also have quite a few things that are new and already made that I just haven't listed yet. The other night I made a Body Balm the same scent as the Apricot Jasmine Body Oil I made because I love it so much! It's nice stuff!

Q: Where else do you sell your products?

I have sold some wholesale to Paper Sparrow in New York, Stellaria in Chicago, and Muskie Bay Resort (My In-laws Fishing Resort) in Nestor Falls, ON, Canada. Other than that I often sell locally to people who hear about me through either Etsy or my personal Blog - I also have a Wash The Day Away Blog that's new -

Q: Whats your personal favorite aspect of owning an Etsy shop?

Working at home in my Pajamas! [laugh] I'm lucky enough to have a Husband who's so supportive he works a full time job and
lets me be a stay at home Mom and do Wash The Day Away (and the occasional Massage). I also just love to experiment, and read up on related things to what I do. I also love being able to, like you mentioned, really change people's skin for the better. That's very satisfying.

Q: Where do you see your business in a year?

In another year, I would like to see my Etsy business itself really grow. I would also like to sell more outside of Etsy. Be it Craft Shows, or the Farmer's Market. Maybe another Website all my own. My long term goal is to have my own actual store and to be able to really make a living off of it!

Rebecca, thank you so much for letting us get to know you better! I hope that your business continues to thrive.

Rebecca has been kind enough to give the readers a great discount so stop by her Etsy shop and use this coupon to receive 20% off: "GABRIELSAUNTBLOG4.08". Just put this code in the "Notes To Seller" section to receive the discount!

Thank you Rebecca!
"Wash The Day Away's Etsy Shop"


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You did a great job on the interview.
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Great job on the interview.

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