Monday, September 8, 2008

Crème has arrived in time for Fall

Finally!  I am sorry for my absence lately.  I am a multi-tasking girl and have been working on a ton of different jobs lately.  So, now that I am back from the madness, I am finally ready to announce that I have listed my brand spankin' new GA Essence blend, called Crème. The name says it all: Creamy, decadent and a true Gourmand, this blend is one of my favorite now. I love the deep and rich scent you smell out of the bottle with the combination of the Veggie Musk, Cocoa and Butter. Then as you put it on your skin you notice the subtle citrus of the Blood Orange and the sweetness of the Jasmine. Crème is a great addition to your fragrance wardrobe and perfect for the Fall and Winter. Check out the samples available as well selling in my Etsy shop now!