Friday, November 28, 2008

Don't be scared. It's Black Friday!

Ah, Black Friday is finally here.  The day where our overstuffed bodies get pulled out of bed at 3am so that you can save an extra bit of your cash on all those things you (or your family) want.  I have not personally participated in this event in a couple of years now (sometimes I wonder if I am really missing out on the amazing deals) because I have decided to go hand made for the bulk of my gifts this year as I did last year.  Now, for me, that means one place for shopping.....ETSY! I peruse the Promo Forums like crazy and check blogs for great sales and coupons. I love the deals you can get dressed in your bathrobe and waking up at a normal hour post the turkey trauma. So, with that being said, I want to invite everyone to shop Etsy this year and go handmade.  I love knowing who made the gift I purchased and having direct contact with the craftsperson.  So, saying that, check out my shop full of lovely smelling things.  I have several new candle scents available in my new eco-friendly packaging as well as my Holiday scent called "Under The Tree". Oh, and if you have any great deals you come across please post them here!  I love discovering good deals and new shops!  Happy Black Friday everyone!


BaldyLocks said...

I love your handmade commitment. I'm trying my best to keep Christmas handmade, too.

esque said...

Yay for handmade! I eschew the malls anyway, so I happily slept till 10am on Black Friday!