Thursday, January 8, 2009

NEW Bath Tea and Drawer Sachets listed on Etsy

Just a quick post to announce that I have the first of my Bath Tea and Drawer Sachets listed on Etsy.  These did very well at my Holiday Craft Shows so I am offering them now on a regular basis. Currently for sale is Royal Couple with Rose and Jasmine.  Each Muslin bag contains .3 ounces of organically grown roses sprinkled with Jasmine Grandiflorum.  You can use the bag as Bath Tea by dropping it in your bath and letting it infuse the water (up to 3 uses if you let the bag completely dry) or throw into your drawer and let it scent your clothing.  Will last for months in your drawer! 


1337 Art said...

I noticed this in your shop today! How exciting! I'll have to save up my money to get one. :)

Keep up with the great new products!

Tracy said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2009--much love, happiness, peace...and business success. :o) These bath teas are lovely...and I love the idea of using them just as scent sachets too! You come up with wonderful new product ideas. Happy weekend ((HUGS))