Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In love with Amber!

I have to admit that lately I am obsessed with Amber.  Not the synthetic stuff found so frequently in incense and other products, but real Amber Resin.  I have, in my library of scents, 2 amazing Ambers (both from Eden Botanicals).  They have inspired so much creativity that I had to share some of the Amber-inspired products currently for sale and soon-to-be for sale.  First, "Bohem", which is the latest in my unisex natural perfumes, now has a bit of amber rounding out the Oakmoss, Patchouli and Tobacco.  At first, I loved the earthy and woodsy notes without any help from this resin, but when I added a small amount to the blend it blossomed.  Now complete, "Bohem" has been getting rave reviews from those who have ordered it and tested it out for me.  The blend is sexy, sultry, manly yet feminine.

Second, is my brand new bath salt blend with Amber, Rose and Cocoa.  Initially, I made this blend for Valentine's Day and to celebrate romance (this is a VERY romantic blend). I will be keeping it in my Etsy shop and website for a few more months depending on how well it does. This blend is truly sexy (I keep using that word here folks!) and part of my attempt to create perfumed baths made with unique, rare and precious oils.

I am currently working on a blend that is heavily Amber and Rose.  This blend is actually one I am creating for my sister and will probably be sold at a later date. We will see how this one develops.  

Lastly, my candle line will soon carry a tobacco and amber blend.  I wanted a tobacco based blend for the longest time and the 2 together are incredible. So, look for that one by end of Spring.

OK, so as you can tell, I am obsessed!  If you haven't tried the Amber Essences from Eden, you need to.  They are the best I have purchased and will inspire you too.

Check out all the new products I have listed on Etsy and my website.  Lots of goodies!!


Loreto said...

Ah, amber! Eden Botanicals truly has the best! Coincidentally, I was on their site this morning reading the "about us" section. I saw that the guy who established the company started importing their amber back in the 80s from a family who has been making it for four generations. Incredible! Wouldn't it be cool if we could go to India just to watch this family make crystalized amber resin? Your new amber perfumes sound delicious!

Gabriel's Aunt said...

I know! I love that. It is some amazing stuff. I would love, love to see that process. Would be like going to Turkey to see the process of distilling rose oil. I am always in heaven when I get a package from them. Are you going to open up a separate shop for your naturals? or just keep them with your others? I am excited to see more! Making "Bohem" was fun. I have been getting a great response so far! Have a great day!

Tracy said...

Amber...a favorite scent...your new products sound sensually inviting...mmm...Will there be an amber candle tin? ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))