Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moving and New Creations

So Spring has gotten off to a busy start. Although, most days haven't felt so Spring-like, I am still feeling a bit inspired to create new things and dive into my library of scents. I have several absolutes that have been calling to me for a while; one of those being Immortelle. This is a very difficult one to work with since the consistency is so thick and sticky, but I am determined to work with this exquisite element.  This could prove to be a difficult task as my base for perfumes is Jojoba and not perfumer's alcohol.  I am excited about the challenge though.

Due to the popularity of my "Bohem" pafum, I am now working on the candle version.  It will not contain all of the same notes, but will be similar with Blonde Tobac and Amber making up the bulk of the blend.  I think it will become one of my more popular blends. I plan on having this candle available at the end of May.

I will also be packing up my studio at the beginning of May and moving to my new digs in North Seattle. This is a good move for me as I am very limited on space currently and still have many of my personal items in storage from my last big move. I am really excited to make this move.  My hope is that with the move I can focus more on making new products and getting my wholesale customer base to grow.  Wish me luck everyone!

Those of you who haven't signed up for my newsletter (click the button on the left side of my blog) might want to do this soon as I will be offering some great moving discounts not available to everyone.  I will also have some special moving sales in my Etsy shop as well as my website over the next few days.  Stay tuned!!!

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Tracy said...

Hoping all goes well with the move and you'll be happy in your new home! :o) ((HUGS))