Friday, February 26, 2010

You like me, you really like my stuff!

OK, with any business, you cannot survive if you have a bad product right? Well, you also cannot survive trying to make something that everyone will like. Your company would go bankrupt at some point and your employees (and you) would become frustrated and lose focus. When you are a small business owner like me and make your products with your own little hands, well, customer satisfaction takes on a whole different meaning. Why? Because we want everyone to love our products to the point of fanaticism or our worlds come crashing down around us. OK, maybe that is just me, but I think you get my point. Artists/Crafters take all the feedback, good and bad, to mean that you don't like us or our stuff or you do. It is very hard to separate and only seasoned business owners realize the difference. There is no way to please everyone. Even if your product is flawless! So, this brings me to my point. How, as a customer or business owner, do you like to obtain or give feedback? Surveys? Asking for feedback after a purchase with an email? Etsy gives you the option with every sale or purchase to leave feedback as well as Ebay. How important is feedback and is it always constructive? Would love to hear your comments.