Saturday, March 27, 2010

Turn The Lights Out

Tonight, people all over this planet will take one hour to give our planet a much needed rest from electro-magnetic waves. Turning off lights, computers or unplugging electrical appliances or devices are all ways we give Planet Earth a nice break. Being a candle maker, I definitely enjoy this time to light my candles, meditate and just enjoy the quiet darkness. I encourage you to go through your house and turn off everything you can, light a naturally-scented, 100% beeswax or soy (or unscented) candle from your local natural foods store (or.....from me if you have one) and turn things off tonight!



We turned out the lights and used your candles: Royal Couple, Play Time & Hugs and Kisses. Gabriel's Aunt makes the best candles, and I've tried many others. The whole house smelled heavenly!
I applied one of my masks and relaxed for a full hour, something I rarely get to do.

Gabriel's Aunt said...

Jo, I am so happy to hear that. You are such a valued customer and friend. Sounds like you really had a great night! Thanks for letting me know!! I, too, am LOVING all your products. I use them every day and the quality is 2nd to none!