Thursday, April 22, 2010

What do I do anyway?

Seems like Earth Day is becoming more like Earth Month or week which is alright by me! Whatever helps and reminds us that life and environment are fragile is a good thing. I wish I knew exactly how many things I have changed in my life once made aware of the impact we have made on Mother Earth. I can list some things I do daily now and are basically second nature: (1) I compost like crazy: Coffee grounds, paper towels, veggies, fruits, breads, etc. Anything that will go in there, I will put. I recycle paper like crazy. Sometimes it seems that my paper issues are something I must have been born with because I am constantly surrounded by and sorting through paper. I rarely pour water down a drain anymore. I usually pour left over water from a cup of tea or pasta cooking into a planter or outside. I am slightly obsessive about this particular activity. I only use organic facial, body and makeup products now (I couldn't have said this last year this time). The list goes on and on. As far as my company goes, I made the commitment a long time ago to put all the money into 2 things: the candle or perfume itself and the labels. I don't spend money on fancy gift boxes. The tops of my glass votive candles are covered with a simple recycled paper seed top. It's compostable, plantable and recyclable. I use simple handmade pillow boxes from a company in Vancouver, B.C. for my perfumes. All of my containers and packaging can be sent back to me for re-use or be re-used by the customer. My soy wax is Kosher, Free of GMO material, pesticides and herbicides. That is what I do for Mother Earth. Earth day and the idea behind it have greatly impacted how I live my life and run my business so thank you to those who brought awareness to us. Happy Earth Day everyone.


Nathan said...

Thanks for doing so many "little" things to help make the Earth more sustainable. Households are a major source of environmental damage (nearly 30% according to some estimates) so our mindfulness in our daily living is so important.

Sustainable Seattle

Gabriel's Aunt said...

Nathan, thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate that. Yes, the little things can make the biggest impact.