Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Trouble with Being a Gemini

Ah, yes. You probably know one of them: Those temperamental, moody and, dare I say, charming folks. You probably have one as a boss, a best friend, a brother or sister. We Geminis are an interesting bunch. We have tons of passion, but with so much we can't choose one thing to spend our energy on. We are witty, yet can be cutting in our  humor. We are incredibly restless. Pinning us down on something from an opinion to a commitment can take the patience of Job and the charm of a used car salesman. We like variety and always want to learn something new and exciting. In all my years in the Film business (about 15 plus now), I have learned to tap into this extreme part of me. The Film world, alone, takes a special breed (we are kind of like Carni folk traveling from one city to another setting up our little exotic worlds) and when you are a Gemini in this field you thrive. No job is ever the same. You meet new people every time. I love it and miss it when I am away. I bounce back and forth quite a bit these days from my life in Film to my life as a natural perfumer and candle-maker. Sometimes I feel like someone is going to ask me to just pick and that thought frightens me. I am learning to embrace my crazy world of dual careers. I have done some amazing things in my life in both worlds and can't imagine just picking one. Geminis are ultimately two people existing in one body. Giving each twin a chance to be creative makes us happy and balanced. I am learning more about how to focus my energy, yet still have a lot further to go. I pay attention to those people in my life who carry themselves with grace and extreme talent. I have many mentors in the film world (too many to mention) and those in the perfume world like Ayala Sender of  Ayala Moriel Parfums and Roxana Villa of Illuminated Perfumes are kind, talented and giving. I pay attention to people like this as they also balance their lives in a beautiful way. I will be tapping into the perfumer side of me more in the next few months and hope to come up with some brand new things. I look forward to hearing from readers about what they might be juggling in their lives and what they are creating. Whether or not you are a Gemini, we all have the creative Twin just under the surface. Set it free!


Marissa said...

Dearest, how did I not know about your film career? Have I just blanked out on this tidbit?

Gabriel's Aunt said...

I told you I think! Gosh, I hope so!!! Well, now you really know!!